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Trailer Maintenance

Is your tow vehicle or trailer in need of wheel bearing service?

For just $75 per axle we will clean and repack your wheel bearings, We disassemble and thoroughly clean your entire wheel bearing assembly in our professional parts cleaner. (Don't simply re-press new grease through the bearing slots, potentially leaving particles behind to cause wear on your bearings.) We inspect your bearing cage and races to determine the condition of your bearings. If your bearings show any heat distortions, warpage or extreme wear, we will recommend replacement of your cages and races. If your bearings are in good condition, we will re-pack the bearing assembly, using only the highest quality, high temperature bearing grease. We don't use a standard chassis lube, which actually melts and drips away under high temperature conditions, leaving you with little or no lubrication (protection for your bearings). we will also inspect the grease seals and recommend replacement if needed(always on boat trailers)

Why get your bearings re-packed?

Whether your trailer/tow vehicle is used daily, weekly or once a year, grease or lubricants dry out Moisture enters the wheel bearings and corrodes . This corrosion acts like sand, removing the smooth surface of the bearing - causing heat and extreme wear due to friction. Bearing failure can result in an amazingly short period of time. Failure can result from either worn bearings or insufficient grease.

What are the signs of bearing failure?

  • Wobbling wheels 
  • A burning smell 
  • Smoke rising from the wheels when stopped
  • Wheel fire 
  • Locked wheel (tire won't turn)
  • Blown tire

What will bad bearings do to my vehicle?

Bad bearings can cause extreme damage to your vehicle or trailer. Wheel bearing failure (When bearings have no lubrication, or are extremely worn with minimal lubrication, two things will happen. First, if the bearing is worn the cage will break, causing the bearings, roller, or spherical to hold the wheel in alignment to the spindle. As the friction between the bearings and the races increases so does heat. This heat will remove any remaining lubrication in the bearings and will cause the bearings to disintegrate (explode) thus causing the bearing to stop rolling within itself and begin spinning on the spindle - causing friction between the now seized bearing and the spindle surface. Bent spindles (With the bearings seized and now riding on the spindle surface, friction between the bearing and spindle increases - causing extreme heat and the bearing beginning to adhere to the spindle. The spindles will glow red, distort, bend, and even break off of the axle!)Tire failure (Once the bearings have seized to the spindle, the tire will stop turning and will smoke and burst causing tire blow-out. The trailer may start to sway or fish-tail causing you to lose control and even roll-over.)

How often do my bearings need inspection and repacking?

Wheel bearings need cleaning and repacking atleast once every year.If you use your vehicle or trailer more frequently or carry heavy loads, you'll need more frequent servicing (either monthly or quarterly). Costs are minimal,considering the alternative of dangerous driving and costly repairs in the longrun. Schedule your wheel bearings today...

The most common area of tire failure or problems is under inflated tires. Always check the tire pressure before towing the trailer, Max PSI listing is on the tire sidewall. Additionally, if the front axle tires are wearing more then the rear axle tires, chances are that your ball / coupler height is too low and your trailer is lower in the front then the back----placing more weight & wear on the front axle tires. A higher insert for the hitch is needed to level the trailer. Tire replacement should be considered when less then 1/8” tread depth is on the center diameter area of the tire or with uneven tire wear. Change and replace tires when needed. Jack up under frame structure -- area of axle is best. After replacing a tire on the hub, start all nuts by hand to prevent cross threading. It is recommended to tighten nuts in a 3-stage process following the common bolt pattern (On a 5-bolt hub with one nut at 12 o’clock , the others will be at about 2, 5, 7 & 10 o’clock). First round snug in to a 25 ft-lb, next round to a 60 ft-lb and finish out at 80 ft-lb. Start with the nut at 12 o’clock, then 7, then 2, then 10, then 5.Always recheck lugs after 50 miles.

Come and see us for all your trailer tire needs.
We stock a complete line of trailer tires.

Trailer Brakes

We service both surge and electric brakes.Anything from adding a breakaway box to a complete overhaul.Make sure your trailer brakes are working properly, faulty trailer brakes can not only do damage to the tow vehicles brake system but also increase a risk of personal and or property damage from the inability to stop in a safe manner.Come see us to have the brakes checked before any long summer vacations. Remember to be prepared to leave the tow vehicle so we can check and adjust the brakes to the vehicle needs.

Electrical Lighting

The electrical harness (cable) is run inside the tongue and framework to prevent damage and for off road trailer use. It is recommended to periodically inspect the trailer and wire harness for damage. Also some electrical grease can be applied to the connector (trailer plug) to prevent corrosion. Most trailer light problems are the result of poor connections in the system. Give us a call to set up an appointment to take care of those lighting problems

Complete Large Truck and Trailer Service

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